Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Move more, make more art!

We're in the first few weeks of a new year, a time that many people in the western world make and break resolutions with impunity. I don't really make resolutions, per se, but I do spend some time thinking about what I'd like to work on in the coming year. I try not to be too specific, or too draconian, and I'm usually at least marginally successful.

In a week we'll be celebrating a holiday we know well, Groundhog's Day. What many don't know is that the roots of that day are in the Gaelic holiday Imbolc, the Feast of Brighid, when it was a tradition to predict the weather for the year. Brighid is also the Goddess of craftsmen, of the forge, of fire, and of creation and new birth in general. Imbolc, in fact, means "in the belly", which refers to the fact that animals are starting to stir and get pregnant and get ready for raising their young. Other traditions at this time of year relate to our more familiar custom of making New Year Resolutions, but very much in the sense of creativity, teaching, and bringing things to life.

So what are you thinking about doing this year? Do you have plans to create something new? This year my goals are "Move more, make more art." I've already got a start on both. I've worked on a few fun art projects and mapped out a few more.  I want to concentrate a lot of efforts in the area of my art, and I would love to find places to teach polymer clay techniques, as well as Reiki. I started going to the pool at our local fitness center. I'm not aiming for a body revolution, but I'd like to see some changes in how I look and feel.I would like to end 2013 with some concrete steps made toward creating a "new me" physically. I don't just mean losing weight (that would be nice, but I'm more interested in inches than pounds), but just having more energy and being able to get more done in a day.

I'd like to be a lot more active and less ouchy Teresa in the next twelve months! The benefit to making more art is it will make me happier and more likely to pay attention to my body. The benefit of paying attention to my body is that I will feel like making more art.


  1. Our goats started kidding last year on February 2nd. No joke. (I can't say "no kidding" as six kids were born that day.)

    And it could well happen again this year! They're pretty huge now, only this time instead of five pregnant does we have eleven. With a probable average of three kids per doe (some more, some fewer, one or two look like they're only carrying singletons, but newborns are the size of a small cat so...)

  2. Baby goats! I think I remember when they arrived last year. I can't wait to hear about the births this year. :-)