Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day Eight! (Effy Wild Blogalong)

I have so much sewing to do, on top of everything else! I hope, with The Boychild headed back to school on the 19th, that I will have a better routine. When he is home he likes to hang out with me, he wants us to sit and do stuff together.  Naturally I love that, but it further hinders my normal lack of productivity. When he is gone for 6 hours a day, I will have the opportunity to create a schedule.

I am in the middle of a cute red and black skirt, and I have material set aside to make some head scarfs. I am also hoping to do some experiments with putting my own art on cloth for various projects. I hope to put one weekday aside each week for nothing but the studio, for cleaning and creating.

If you have kids, does back-to-school help you get organized? If you don't, or they are out of or not yet in all-day school, do you find that the change of seasons into fall helps you get things together? Or is another season better?

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  1. My kids are College students, ad when they go back to college I definitely get organized and can get back into my routines.