Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy August!

I love to blog. Well, rather, I love the idea of blogging. I also love the idea of people reading my blogs. Somehow I don't get around to doing it much, which doesn't help me build up a readership, or give me the satisfaction of having done it. That's simply not a win-win situation.

A friend of mine has been encouraging her friends to do a month daily blog-along in August... I had thought "No way!", then I thought "Oh, yeah, you should." Then as I warred between the two, I wondered "which blog?" and I realized I. Have. Too. Many. Blogs. Oh, yeah, it sounded great to have all these different blogs on different topics, but it has never worked for me. Primarily, I fear that so many blogs has left me with writer's block, thinking of "so many things to cover". Therefore I've decided that I will participate in a daily blog writing event, and in the process I will take an unprecedented step... and merge almost all my blogs together. That will leave me with this one, and my business/art blog, which it seems obvious ought not to be merged.

I ask one big thing though, as I go through this process - feedback! I don't care what you write, as long as it's pertinent to the blog. Love me, hate me, think I should do everything differently... just comment. ;-)

Now, let's get busy.


  1. I love having one blog and writing whatever I want. It's what works for me. :) And hi!!

  2. I think it's what I need to do, Effy. :-) Thank you for the push to get blogging again!!!! <3

  3. Just do what feels right.

  4. I blog in my head, more days than not. I tell people I write/blog, but find that I have been stalled. Thanks for the push!

    Write on!