Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I've made it to Day 7!!! Will wonders never cease? (Effy Wild Blogalong)

Art has been on my mind a lot, but there's been a ton of everything on my plate that's keeping me from doing anything substantive. I have been crocheting, though, it's something easy that I can take with me, and do in front of the t.v. without a big mess or too much distraction. I found a lovely free pattern for house slippers and I've made several pairs. One for me and a purple pair for That Crystal Wolf! Now I'm working on a stripey pair to probably sell. I'm enjoying them. I also dug out the yarn to start a "corner to corner" lapghan. It's a technique that's all the rage in my Facebook crocheting group, and it looks gorgeous. I hope I'm up to the task!

Our new baby girl kitty is still in hiding, in my studio. We've tried to coax her out, but no luck - at least during the day when we're up and moving. When she's more used to the smells and the sounds I know she'll emerge and be a part of the family. We just have to be patient. Our Late Great Tuxedo boy, Zorro, hid in the basement for *months*. We genuinely thought he'd gotten trapped and died because we saw no activity at all from him. However, one day he appeared and settled in, and went on to become our son's faithful playmate. So, there is plenty of hope for our little Precious - it's only been two days, after all.

And speaking of the studio, SO. MUCH. WORK. to do in there. I'll get to work in there more as the heat dies away and fall comes on. I have plans!

Free ballet slippers pattern
Free corner-to-corner afghan pattern

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  1. I love crocheting! I don't do it nearly enough because I have a bad habit of starting a project, getting flustered, then putting it down and never finishing. Also, my cats like to attack the yarn and then I feel bad shutting them out of the room! :X

    When I was younger and my grandma passed away, I convinced my family to take in her ooooold cat who pretty much hated everyone except Grandma. She stayed in the basement for months. One day she came upstairs and was like a totally different cat, playful and kitten-like, wanting snuggles and following my mom around. We've theorized she just needed a time of mourning for my grandma. <3 So I know what you mean with the cat behaviour thing! I hope your new kitty gets the courage to venture out into the world soon. :D