Friday, April 8, 2016

Hugs for Frank

I was blessed to go to high school with Frank Swanson. He was my saving grace in algebra (a class we took together, although he would graduate that year, and I was a sophomore), without his patient instructions I would have failed for sure. He was the manager of the football team, a sport he was gifted in, but had to give up due to an accident his 8th grade year. Frank fell from a wood truck and landed on the concrete highway, with a fractured skull. He was in a coma for six weeks, and was not given much of a chance to survive. Survive he did, and thank goodness for that.

I have rarely had the pleasure of knowing someone with the amount of integrity, kindness, humor and joy that Frank has. I figure he wouldn't speak ill of the devil - he'd just say that the fellow was misunderstood and needed a hug. Frank spends tons of his own money each year on clothes for kids, on teddy bears for little ones he sees in distress, for paying for groceries for people who came through his checkout line at my hometown Walmart, when they were a little short. There are probably a million things like that he does and we don't know about, because Frank doesn't announce the kindnesses, they must be witnessed and reported.

I visit home often to see my Mom, to spend time with her and my friends, and to make my faithful pilgrimage to Walmart for a Frank hug. That has ended, because Frank was fired recently. I won't expound on the firing, I will just say my business and hugs will be going to a different store from now on.

Here is a news report of the event. Can we send it viral? I think we can. #hugsforfrank #teamfrank #westplainsmo

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I've always longed to participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) which occurs in November each year. However, I doubt my ability to even conceive the plots necessary for a novel. I think about vignettes, but to be honest? Poetry has always been my thing. I was a fairly prolific writer in college, and then the Muse stopped visiting. I've written a few poems in the past few decades, but I'd really like to get back in the swing. Recently I discovered that April is National Poetry Writing Month, and so I joined up at Camp NaNoWriMo and I'm going to give 30 poems in 30 days a try.

At this point my working plan is to write a page a day of ideas and poetry fragments, and save the bulk of editing and shaping for after the month is over. It would be fun to have enough poems for a book. I might use November as a change to rework all 30, or perhaps start 30 new ones.

I am tdkg over at Camp Nano. If you'd like to share a cabin with me, join up and let me know your user name.