Friday, September 25, 2015

Cats and computers and tech, oh my!

A few years ago my beloved husband bought me Dragon Naturally Speaking. Because of life I haven't played with it much. I love to blog, it gives me great pleasure. I am hoping that this software will help me blog more often and perhaps more effectively.

I have started and restarted this blog many times, never sure of its focus. My goal at times has been to talk about greater things like meditation, the Tarot and other divination methods, and the path to self improvement in general. At other times I have intended this blog for my essays, poetry, other writing and perhaps even art. It strikes me that just as my focus is scattered so is my attention span. Perhaps, since this is my blog ,I ought to make it mine and talk about what I want to when I want to. With that having been said, maybe I will post more often.

Speech recognition software is a lot of fun. I need to figure out editing with voice and perhaps even using it to post to social media, because I would certainly love to use this while I make art. Not that multitasking is my forte.

Coming to you from my studio, cat on printer, surrounded by mess, looking out on a sunny fall day. Namaste. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Tyranny of Perfection

In a wonderful conversation the other day, a friend bemoaned how messed up women get by the illusion of perfection. Pinterest, which I love, has photo after photo of absolute perfection. The "blogosphere" is full of perfect homes with perfect kitchens and perfect outcomes on every attempt. If mistakes or imperfections are mentioned, it's offhand, with no photo evidence. We are led to believe that every Plants vs Zombies birthday cake, every Cookie Monster giant cookie, every canning project, every loaf of bread always turns out right, and yours will too - if you just try a little harder.

I look around my disheveled but happy home, and decide to try to thwart the tyranny of perfection! Let's get together and share our imperfect homes, our imperfect food, our imperfect baking, art, crafts, whatever. I want to learn to call "done" better than "perfect". I want to enjoy what I produce without the spectre of Pinterest's awesomeness hanging over my head. So, I will try, once a week or so, to blog just on the topic of what I'm doing and how not-perfect it is. Join me? I'm proposing a tag of #thwartperfection. Comment here, or blog, or post about how you have done something that is wonderful - perfect or not.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Welcome to the New and Improved Cosmic Motor

I've done some blog juggling, and decided that I want to completely redo things. I'll be posting new content on a wide variety of subjects, and re-writing and re-publishing old entries. Look forward to essays, poetry, rants, funny stories, discussion of some esoteric topics and more. I will appreciate any feedback, and I'd love for you to share any entries that you think others might enjoy. It's been a while since I've done any serious writing, and I'm kind of itching to get back to it.